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  • Transmission Services

  • When it comes to your transmission and your car running properly, you can trust Speedway Auto Care & Electric to keep you road safe. We take care of most vehicles, both manual and automatic, when it comes to transmissions. We work on both foreign and domestic vehicles and trucks. Listen to your car and look for signs that you may need maintenance on your transmission. Regular scheduled care can make the world of difference in your car's performance. Call Us Today! We are ready to assist.




    • Transmission Rebuilds
    • Transmission Maintenance ( transmission flush )
    • Manual & Automatic Transmissions
    • Clutch Replacement
    • Transmission Repair & Replace


    • Leaking Fluid
    • Grinding Gears
    • Burning Smell
    • Whining or Clunking
    • Lack of Response
    • Noises in Neutral
    • Service Engine Light